Seoul Baekje Museum is a time machine reviewing the culture and ancient history of Seoul

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  • To establish Seoul's cultural identity as a two-thousand-year old city by researching the relics and the sites in the Seoul area and utilizingthe heritage as cultural and tourism assets.



2004 Feb 16   Seoul Baekje Museum construction plan set up.
2008 Dec 24   Construction for the Museum started.
2010 Oct 20   Construction completed.
2011 Apr 21  " Preview of Hanseong Baekje Museum " opened.
2012 Apr 40   Seoul Baekje Museum opened.
2012 Jun 1   Director Lee In-sook inaugurated.
2019 Jun 1   Director Kim Kiseob inaugurated.

Museum Building 

  • The exterior of Seoul Baekje museum resembles the outline of Mongchon earthen fortress, designed the shape of a vessel which represents Hanseong-Baekje dynasty, the maritime power. It is also designed to harmonize with the surroundings, aiming to be a landmark. The slanting feature of the building represents a vessel in the ocean. Baekje developed its national power mainly by trades among China and Japan through Hangang River and Yellow Sea.
  • Museum building was awarded Korean Architecture Awards(KAA) and Seoul Architecture Prize of  2012.

Logo of the Hanseong Baekje Museum 

  • The museum logo, a combination of images of Pungnap Earthen Fortress and Seven-pronged sword, symbolizes the globalized culture of Baekje Kingdom(BCE 18-660 CE) and its relations with its neighbors.

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