Seoul Baekje Museum is a time machine reviewing the culture and ancient history of Seoul

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Welcome to the Seoul Baekje Museum.

Seoul--the capital and heart of Korea and the capital of ancient kingdom of Baekje (BCE 18-660CE) -- is a symbol of profound and flourishing history of over 2,000 years.

Seoul Baekje Museum showcases the long history of the region since the paleolithic period, focusing on the Hanseong period of Baekje, in particular. With its capital established along the Hangang (river), the Baekje culture flourished in this area (currently Seoul) which had powerful influence on neighboring countries. Baekje moved its capital in 475 CE to Gongju, southern Korea.

The museum will play its crucial role in the research of prehistoric period and Hanseong Baekje's history. Exhibitions, education programs, and active communication activities with the local people as well as with the international communities of the museum will shed a new light on the history of Seoul.

We look forward to meeting you at the museum and our website. Thank you.

Kim Ki-seob, Seoul Baekje Museum

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