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Gilt Bronze ornamental Shoes

Gilt Bronze ornamental Shoes

Culture/Period :
Baekje Era
Materials :
Size :
length 11.61in (29.5cm)
Find spot :
Tomb No.II-1, Suchon-ni, Gongju,
                                               South Chungcheong Province
collection :
Gongju National Museum/Chungnam
                                               Institute of History and Culture


On the surface of the plate, dragon and flower patterns are engraved. On the bottom, gilt bronze nails are driven. It shows the power and status of person buried in the tomb.
Baekje ruled over provinces by dispatching officials to strongholds from Hanseong Baekje Period. The King of Baekje bestowed precious gifts to local influences to control such as, for example, accessories- gilt-bronze cap, shoe, earrings, belt, sword with round pommel and else- and celadons from China.     At stone chamber tombs and earthen pit tombs in suchon-ri, Gongju, Chungnam, many precious artifacts are found.

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